Welcome to Hanadi Alajmi.     We offer celebrity beauty services. We have worked with famous Celebrities and we offer the best Celebrity beauty services ever.
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Hanadi Al Ajmi

Hanadi Al Ajmi

welcome to Hanadi Al Ajmi

Luxury Experiences

Hanadi Al Ajmi Ladies Beauty Saloon is the place to go for the ultimate Beauty Works in Kuwait. Enjoy the finest quality of work at reasonable prices.

صالون هنادي العجمي لتجميل السيدات هو المكان المناسب للذهاب إلى أفضل أعمال التجميل في الكويت. استمتع بأجود نوعية من العمل بأسعار معقولة.

Luxury, quality & comfort

Our Services Include ..

Henna Designs هينا ديسينز, Henna Treatment علاج الحناء, Hamam Magrabi حسام مغربي, Waxing (Hot) واكسينغ (هوت), Massage تدليك, Facial تجميل الوجه, Face Threading الوجه الخيوط, Manicure Pedicure مانيكير و بيديكور, Sheera شيران, Make Up ميك أب, Natural Hair Treatment علاج الشعر, Natural Hair Treatment علاج الشعر الطبيعي, Hair color لون الشعر, Double Hair Color مزدوج لون الشعر, Hair Style تسريحه شعر, Bridal Makup Package بريدال ميكوب باكيج

Bridal Package

Massage Package

You are most welcome to visit our saloon any time and ..


  • Hair Treatment  —  Starting at 15 KD
  • Facial  — Start from 6 KD
  • Henna— Start from 3 KD
  • Pedicure  — 5KD
  • Manicure  — 3KD
  • Full Body Massage  — 10 KD
  • Bridal Package  —  180KD


Luxury, quality & comfort

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Hanadi Al Ajmi Ladies Beauty Saloon and its staff expects their growing reputation as a saloon dedicated to the highest health, safety and professional standards to lead in your becoming one of our many satisfied and dedicated customers.

تتوقع صالون هنادي العجمي للسيدات وموظفوهن سمعتهن المتنامية كصالون مخصص لأعلى معايير الصحة والسلامة والمهنية ليقودوا أنفسكم إلى أن نصبح أحد عملائنا الكرام والمتفانين.


What They Say

"The staff at Hanadi are always friendly, helpful, and professional. I have never received a bad haircut or color treatment. The one time I wasn't 100 percent satisfied they worked with me until I was."

"I had my hair cut @ Hanadi and it is just simply so cute 🙂 They listened to my needs and perfectly executed. I had some trouble with my natural hair at the roots and some curls at the bottom left from my last perm. She made my hair lighter and natural looking again by creating a soft layer all throughout. Definitely recommend HANADI!"

"I had gotten a terrible haircut a while back and she's been helping me grow it out and fix it for about a year now. She's been giving me great advice on how to maintain it, how to grow it out and even pointers on what I can do with the baby hairs I'm getting in post partum. The stylist know what they are doing!"

"I had my hair color done @ Hanadi and a cut and style by Shelly. I love my results!!!! I will be a returning client and recommending them to everyone. Thanks for making my day special."

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